We Help Raise Funds and Awareness for Ministries and Individuals

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We empower you through...


Personally Crafted Stories

There's something captivating when people unite together for a cause, connected and moving forward with a sense of  mission. My desire is to bridge the gap between workers on the field and their supporters. 


Social Media Campaign

Do you have a burning idea within you? Inviting people into what you are passionate about is a contagious way to create momentum on your project.




Do you have an exciting event coming up? Don't just settle for simply when and where. Let's create a visual invitation that communicates why you do what you do! Sharable content adds significant value to the organization and even to those who are not able to attend your event.


From the Frontlines

Are you working on a project? Why not share what's happening to the donors from right where you are? This is an excellent way to demonstrate appreciation to donors on the spot to cultivate authentic connections.


Let's face it, it is HARD.

I am going to be brutally honest and tell you that our videos won't guarantee success. They only play a small part. But, if you are dedicated and passionate about what you do, love and believe in the significance it will be to others, I am beyond eager to serve you.

What you do matters and I want to assist you in any way possible to give you the voice that unearths your value to the world.


Answering the Call Vol. 1


Journey to Israel


"Michio blew me away with the quality of work he produced for me. In his strategic and thorough way, he knew the right questions to ask to help me express the essence of my passion and my desire, (and somehow he skillfully crafted my story into a video under four minutes!!!) Not only this, but he knew how to create an environment where I was comfortable and at ease... even with a lens in my face! This is because his heart is bigger than his skill... (which FYI is saying a lot). I knew I wasn't just a project to him, but that he really cared about my story and about me.

If you want someone to just throw together clips and merely make things look cool and cinematic, Michio is not the guy for your job. But without hesitation, I would recommend him to anyone desiring a true master in the art of story who will visually illustrate what sheer words fall short in doing. 

-Hannah Elizabeth Taylor // United States


Creating images that will be passed on for generations




My passion.


Passion Project


My passion is to create an image that will out live myself. Whether portrait or family photo, it is my ambition to create a timeless piece to be passed on for generations.


Summon the Heroes

While I majored in trumpet throughout music school, I was never dedicated enough to hone my craft. Although my path didn't lead me to the direction of music, I have a huge respect for musicians and the enrichment they bring to our lives. What song is the world waiting to hear from you? 


Have a vision, but don't have a budget?


We can figure out that together. I would love to be included in that process. We never know what would happen right? If you are an artist, musician, chef, or any creative of sorts and have burning idea within you, shoot me a message! We can make things happen!


Empowering small businesses

Starting a business takes a lot of courage, but running one puts you on a completely different level. I have a huge respect for small business owners who are passionate in providing quality services to people. I want to be part of that journey!


Jerusalem's Iconic Restaurant.


If you ever visit Jerusalem, you have to check out this restaurant! At Tmol Shilshom, you are sure to enjoy a true taste of Israel and a one of a kind experience!