One of my deepest desire is to bridge the gap of relationships. It is both coming from a place of joy and place of isolation. As I got involved in disaster relief in Tohoku (Northern Japan) 2011, most rewarding moments was when I was able to share what God was doing, seeing hope in the midst of tragedy.  Sharing report, connecting people with great cause, these brought sense of purpose as I realize I too could play a role in what God is doing. 

Being a part of something bigger than yourselves in and of itself is rewarding but as time goes on, people's attention fades away, no longer care as they used to, and rightly so, I believe that is part of life.

In that place of isolation, feeling of "Is anyone out there?" God somehow brings encouragement through His Word or people by revealing his goodness.

I want to be that encouragement as well. 

I love to get to know you, and understand and share what God is doing through you and your ministry.


Currently serving with Bridges for Peace in Jerusalem.